The Power of the Ecosystem >

We warmly welcome new members of the innovation community into our rapidly growing ecosystem.  In the same way Moore’s Law provided unparalleled growth in processing power, the more we work together on a common platform, the more powerful it becomes.  This will allow us collectively to solve global problems and create new opportunities using digital technologies to move faster than ever before.

Connect with our Ecosystem

BiologIC works with partners that challenge us to think in new ways. We offer a wide range of partnership opportunities, from technical partners to life science companies. With our ecosystem of partners, our customers can go to market faster with products that customers demand.

AM Partners

Our Additive Manufacturing partners support fabrication of systems with high 3D density of function optimized for industrial scale.

Life science companies

We work with innovators and application developers  in life sciences to power the next generation of biology at population scale, vastly expanding available experimental space.


Our software partners provide customers with data solutions and a wide range of products to get to market faster than the competition.

Development Tools

Created by experts in complex design, our partners in development tool solutions accelerate engineering from design through to implementation.


We collaborate with OEMs to provide meaningful insight into next generation product designs and implementations.

Development Boards

We work with innovators to provide development board solutions for their product concepts.

Are you an innovator who shares our passion for solving challenges?

If so, we warmly invite you to join us.