> Flexible Access 

The Fast, Affordable, Low-Risk Path to Bioprocess Innovation

Whether you’re a biology business looking for an edge or you’re a bioengineering innovator, BiologIC has created the Flexible Access scheme, offering low cost access to the world's first and most powerful biocomputer platform.  Access a wide range of BiologIC consulting, designs, tools, 3D printing and knowledge sharing. Work with us to innovate, experiment and design your bioprocess with access to our expertise, ecosystem and our entire capability portfolio.

With Flexible Access, your innovation ideas have the best chance of success with less risk, lower cost, and faster time to market than ever before.

Come and join the biorevolution.  A rapidly growing number of Partners across the globe access our biocomputer platform to help shape the applications of tomorrow.  

Flexible Access includes access to the extensive range of BiologIC libraries of systems for fluidics, electronics, thermals, optics and pneumatics for novel bioprocesses targeting diverse market segments.  Dedicated expert support and development tools simplify bioprocess designs, while accelerating your time-to-market and minimizing development risk.

We warmly welcome new members of the innovation community into our rapidly growing ecosystem.  In the same way Moore’s Law provided unparalleled growth in processing power, the more we work together on a common platform, the more powerful it becomes.  This will allow us collectively to solve global problems and create new opportunities using digital technologies to move faster than ever before.

Benefits for our Partners


Value creation

BiologIC gives you a rapid and cost-efficient route to prototype new bioprocesses.

Move fast

Make BiologIC the heart of your design and significantly increase your speed to market.

Ecosystem leverage

With BiologIC powering programmes with multiple global partners, we have evolved a whole ecosystem to support every step of your journey from concept to market.

Are you an innovator who shares our passion for solving challenges?

If so, we warmly invite you to join us.