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Imagine the Impossible. Bring it to life.

BiologIC makes available to you the world's first biocomputer platform and our expert teams will help you deliver innovation at the speed of thought.  Our BiologIC Applied Technologies team helps you radically reimagine a new future and innovate beyond what’s currently possible in your industry.  And our platform gets you there with lower risk and faster than ever before.

Delivering meaningful change >

As architects of meaningful change, we guide industries forward by developing world-class, scalable solutions that harness our expertise in 3D design, the second wave of additive manufacturing, AI, internet of things and digital twins.  By applying these technologies to a wide range of commercial industries, our team helps businesses to unlock their full potential.

From developing next generation life science applications such as complex cultured meats, high-throughput diagnostics and affordable personalised medicines, and applications in aerospace, transport and soft robotics, we imagine a future full of promise.

Pioneering a better future

We work at the intersection of technology, data and human ingenuity to redefine what’s possible and are committed to a journey of relentless improvement that challenges convention, transforms markets and delivers powerful competitive advantage.

We are leading the digital transformation of industries through highly integrated, data-rich 3D systems, and develop innovative technologies that drive positive, sustainable change in health, automotive, transport and beyond.



Underpinned by rich insight and robust IP, BiologIC is working with a growing ecosystem of leading partners to unlock pent up demand in the next wave of synbio through radically new and powerful digital hardware architectures for highly integrated biotechnology automation.

BiologIC’s unique combination of digital hardware and digital biology enables the next wave of synthetic biology that promises to significantly improve major global issues such as healthcare, climate change and environmental sustainability.


We help you to understand new ways to solve classical problems.  We help imagine what your ideal product looks like by giving you an insight into high-level concepts, the architecture choices that surround them and, crucially, assist you in making informed decisions that will ultimately influence overall performance.

We enable you to develop risk-managed, value-creating solutions with increased performance using our proprietary digital toolchain. This means you can realise the design of a powerful new product or system previously unimagined.

Are you an innovator who shares our passion for solving challenges?

If so, we warmly invite you to join us.