Pioneering the Second Wave of Additive Manufacture

Unleashing a powerful new generation of life science products
The Fourth Industrial Revolution has extensive dependency on additive manufacturing. BiologIC is pioneering the “second wave of additive”.

The first wave has mainly used 3D printing for prototyping classical designs that are then mass produced using other manufacturing approaches.  Some advantages of this first wave have been that 3D printing can print many geometric structures, as well as simplify the product design process. It is also relatively environmentally friendly. It can also decrease lead times and total production costs. Moreover, it can increase flexibility, reduce production costs and help the adoption of a mass customisation business strategy.

The second wave of additive is a major transition taking advantage of the digitisation of hardware for rapid innovation and "free complexity " that enables a powerful new generation of highly-integrated, life science products in which additive manufacturing is used through the entire product life cycle.