BioMet team at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) identifies critical parameters for the performance of 3D bio-processors

BiologIC Technologies is a commercially focused technology business developing breakthrough digital hardware architectures integrating fluidics, electronics, thermals, optics, and pneumatics.  The architectures are manufactured into 3D bio-processors incorporating a dense network of biosensors that generate rich data to drive adaptive workflows. Products are being developed to advance applications in research, diagnostics, therapies such as new vaccines, cultured meat and biofuels and are designed to power the next generation of synthetic biology at scale. Population scale applications for these architectures include high-throughput diagnostics and end-to-end vaccine manufacture on demand. BiologIC’s 3D bio-processors are highly configurable enabling, for example, COVID-19 diagnostics and vaccine production under a range of operating conditions by integrating different synbio processes.

In a study conducted under NPL’s Measurement for Recovery Programme (M4R), the BioMet team helped the company couple the performance of the processes with appropriate analytes and metrics to help monitor the quality of processes at defined operating conditions. A range of physicochemical measurements was used to provide insights into the identity and relative quantities of target analytes under three different conditions for the same biologic. The results revealed opportunities for optimisation, which the company is implementing for the manufacturing of improved architectures to support the development of high-throughput diagnostic and vaccine systems which directly help the national response to COVID-19.

Richard Vellacott, CEO of the company, said: “BioMet’s impressive technical expertise and testing capabilities have helped us further optimise our architectures and have made an important contribution towards a new paradigm for high-powered bioprocessing that will enable the next generation of synthetic biology at any scale.”

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