Solving the tyranny of numbers in life sciences

Solving the tyranny of numbers in life sciences

Life sciences is stuck in a rut.  Whilst we are making incredibly strides in discovering new bioproducts enabled by our ability to “read DNA” and “write DNA”, we are only just beginning to “apply DNA” and have barely scratched the surface of the need to “scale DNA”.

The conventional mindset tells us to solve these problems vertically – we build robots and scientific instruments that perform highly specialised, repetitive tasks. To see this, just walk around any biological lab or manufacturing site anywhere in the world.

But pause for a minute. Have you ever wondered whether this is actually a very efficient solution? Labs are cavernously large, hugely capital-intensive and the machines don’t talk to each other. These automatons are built from standard components put together in entirely non-standard ways. Substantial human intervention is required in mindless interaction with these robots, rather than in mindful and creative innovation. In short, we face a tyranny of numbers that means the industry cannot possibly scale.

Moreover, there is a prevailing view that biology is “an art” for which you need “magic hands”. For evidence, just look at how poor the ability is to reproduce results from other labs. At BiologIC, we think this means biology is just a poorly constrained science.

Our pioneering vision is to become the enabling digital architecture for a radically different generation of integrated and miniaturised life science automationOur breakthrough digital hardware allows rapid development and execution of novel, high-value biological workflows.


We believe highly integrated architectures will not only solve the most pressing problems in synthetic biology today, they will create entirely new industries.  Don’t believe us?  Then just glance down at your laptop or your shiny new smartphone and pause for a moment to think about the pioneers who built the integrated circuit and the industrial revolution that ensued.


The BiologIC team believes life would be better if we could all benefit from the latest breakthroughs in food, fuels and medicines.  Our digital hardware can enable the future of synthetic biology, and we are passionate about working with like-minded pioneers. We warmly invite you to join our mission by contacting us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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