About Us

Hi, we’re BiologIC Technologies

We think life would be better if new technologies enable us all to benefit from the latest breakthroughs in food, fuels and medicines.  We believe this will have a significant impact on global issues such as climate change, improved healthcare and environmental sustainability.


Drawing inspiration from the long and successful history of the semiconductor industry, we are pioneers in powerful digital architectures for radically different and highly integrated automation in synthetic biology.

Introducing Synthetic biology

Where the disciplines of biology and technology meet, is transitioning rapidly from ‘reading and writing DNA’ to ‘applying and scaling DNA’, with the potential to create billions of dollars of disruptive value and benefits for society in existing and new markets.

However, this growth is severely constrained. It is well known that breakthrough bioproducts, developed from advances in our ability to read and write DNA, cannot readily be applied and scaled. We are working with a growing network of leading partners to unlock this pent up demand.