BiologIC is creating the ‘desktop PC’ of life sciences – an empowering tool shaped by individual users to drive the next wave of biological innovation.

Many key challenges in the future of life science and biomanufacturing require a paradigm shift in laboratory automation.

For example, Advanced Cell Therapies are paving the way for novel cures for cancer; but their cost prohibits the same technology to be applied to neurodegenerative therapies.

BiologIC is developing an automation platform and user ecosystem providing scientists with affordable, application-specific cartridges to develop and run their biological workflows.

BiologIC’s proprietary architecture will empower scientists to configure bespoke (n=1) consumables, in a manner analogous to the Custom System on Chip proposition ARM offers the electronics sector.

The consumables run on a ‘universal’ BiologIC instrument we envisage being “on every bench, in every lab”.

BiologIC’s digitally-enabled cartridge fabrication service enables users to update cartridge designs to iterate their science, fully automated, in just one working day.
This bespoke n=1 manufacturing can be achieved at a low cost of goods suitable for daily use.

BiologIC’s unique and powerful combination of digital biology and digital hardware will enable the next wave of laboratory automation, including applications in cost effective Advanced Cell Therapy manufacturing, and will drive the democratisation of personalised medicine.